Not long time ago, it was a fantasy to work from home, people figured they’d love to stay at home instead of getting up every day, leaving the warmth and comfort to get to work. Some people still got to work from home, but there was a massive connotation for that. Many businesses were concerned that their workers would be distracted too frequently at home, where their superiors could not keep an eye on their direct reports, which could lead to the lack of productivity, from employees to the progress of the business. But since the global pandemic of COVID-19…

In a time where technology keeps on evolving, and the internet took over the world, being a developer is one of the best career paths. However, the tech industry is a competitive one. Whether you’re a university graduate or a self-taught programmer, when you’re new to a field, finding a job can be imposing. In this post, we’re going to break down why it is difficult at first when you’re a junior/entry-level, how to face challenges, we’ll help you with the interview, and where to find work.

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Why do companies have little interest in juniors?

From a company’s point of view, hiring is based on skills. The problem…

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